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Barbara Schwarz is a prolific artist who uses her art as meditation and a means of healing. Her works are passionate, colorful and varied in media and theme. This web gallery is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. The work speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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Photography-  To see more click here
Art and descriptions done during the storm. Tears of earth, color, and the heart are the response
                                                                                                                                              Peephole on the World
Rainbow waterfall - I use as background for text placed on the white space.
Jesus and the Bent over Woman 16" x 20" Acrylic Prints available on paper and canvas. Contact us for details.
800th Anniversary of the Dominican Order
Ode to Spring    Strappo  16" x 20"
Below are pictures published in Global Sisters Reports of the NCR since July 2016. Earlier published works can be found on the Global Sister Report page. The painting "Jesus and the Bent over Woman" was also published there and in the ebook by Global Sisters Report. For prints use email button. Click on the pictures at left and it will enlarge.
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  The  Heart Opens Beyond 20" x 16"    Acrylic
"C" the Vision  Acrylic 18" x 24"
Roundly Gathering a Spectrum Strappo 11"x 14" 
Water Bubbles

The water bubbles up like from a trumpet flower
Trying to wash all with hope."
Storm at Sea
"We go from storm to storm
Can we trust one another?
Can we trust that God will help us find a way?"
Life in the cracks
Heads bowed in remembrance
Festival of Flowers 18" x24" Acrylic  
Orchids 20"x 16" Acrylic  aAac
Coming to Birth   8" x 10"                       The Emerging i   strappo 8" x 10" 
MIgration - The Modern Exodus  Acrylic 22" x 28"
  Square Spirals 1 and 2 11" x 14"    Acrylic
The Journey   Acrylic 12" x 36"
This is the Promised Land?!    Acrylic 22" x 28"
Andromeda   16" x 20"       
Orchid Strappo 8"x 10"