Mandala is a word from the sanskrit meaning circle drawings. They are often sacred drawings that mediate a profound or spiritual experience as in the case of Native American Shields or Tibetan mandalas. Hildegard of Bingen used the mandala form in her illuminations. Carl Jung used them as a form of expression and for the purpose of healing.  

Some people use white backgrounds. Other like myself use black backgrounds to surface the unconscious. The mandalas here have been done in meditation. Except for the few that are painted most have been done on black paper with colored pencil.

Barbara learned the method of black on white mandalas from Dr. Judith Cornell.  She often gives workshops in art as meditation sometimes using the mandalas as prayer, as meditation, as a way to access the deep self, and for healing.
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  Left Overs                                                         Right Overs                                  Immersion
Core Arising                        Bloom                   The Choice                            Light Places
Reach                                           Breaking Borders                                      Well Well