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Mother Nature in Springtime  30"x 40"
After the Meeting   16"x 20"
Catching the movement  12"x 16"
The Red Flow  4"x 12"
Revelation : Searching for Truth and Revelation: Inside or Out each16"x 20"
The Ascension   28"x 36"
The Face of Suffering   8"x 10"
The Rye  12"x 36"
The field  12" x 36 "
Contemplating Ten Years in Fanjeaux 18” x24” acrylic 2018 Barbara Schwarz OP
Dominic preached for over 10 years in Fanjeaux with seemingly no success. This painting shows him contemplating it overlooking the area. Little did he know that in the background would be the women he would convert and would be the beginnings of the Order in Prouille.

Looking forward
Contemplating our lives
and future
can be wearing.
Can we trust the voice of God
we hear?
Can we without anxiety
wait and see?.
Lent Series

Reflections on

(At Right)
Reflections on 
John's Blind man

both paintings then
added computer 

graphics and text
HIllside abstract 8" x 10"