Artist Articulations
What is an artist articulator? 
It is an artist who mirrors back to a conference or speaker what is happening through their art form,--Be it music, visual arts, poetry, dance, performance or other forms. Usually at the end of a day or conference the work is presented to those gathered.

Barbara Schwarz was formally the artist articulator for the first Convocation of Dominican Sisters USA in St. Louis in 2000. The Dominican Sisters are members of the Order of Preachers.

In the years that followed she very  informally did the same during the Global Education Associates finding it a good way to take notes. 

She also did some articulation for a Creation conference day in her congregation in Amityville.

In some ways it is a kind of performance art in other ways it is a form of meditation through deep listening.
At the Global Education conferences and others Barbara did many works around the themes of connection of all in our planet.
Federation of Dominican Sisters USA Conference
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You may be surprised at the content of the work and the gathering.In Three days close to 20 works were produced and presented with poetry . Many of these works reflect events at the conference or social justice themes that were presented and ratified.
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Women at the Edge of Deep Time Conference

The watercolor above called "The Clouded Vision at the edge of Deep Time" reflects that we are the earth that reflects and sees itself. The iris of the eye shows the interaction of people and the earth in interrelationship through eartly time to the industrial and into the present age.