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Polaroid Transfers

The Way OUt - 4 transfers form a maze the way out

The Flow - made of 2 transfers
Love Lost  -  A photomontage
Much of Barbara's  photography is used in graphics and photomontages or  tranformations. Below are a few samples of photos photomontage and poloroid transfers.
Rock on  -  A photomontage
A Light on the Rocks  -  A photomontage
Steeple on Crutches or Pagoda?
Storm Warning  -  A photomontage
Big Pink
And you think you love garlic!
Shelled to the limit
Great Eastern Swallowtail
Great Eastern Swallowtail at work
The Lotus and the Frog
Monarch Butterfly
At the Edge
 A sampling of shots available as prints
Blooming luscously
Butterfly Vs. Bee
Cactus tears
Ice dancers
Tears of Morning
New photography above and new photomontages below. More below. Click to see larger versions
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What will we become?
Vatican Power
Spiralling Round the Vatican
Monarch on Dalhia
Yellow dahlia
Popping out
Rise up
camelia in flight
Orchid Openness
The Painted Lady at Word
Cactus centering
Season Changes in Miniature
On guard
All in a row
Spotlight on Orchid Hair
Glory to the Morning
Spiny Rise
On Edge
Great Blue
The steady drip
Barnacle heaven
Al's Well with us Chickens
Pink spines
Great Blue Heron's Gotcha