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Rising in color                                                                        The Power of Presence
 Wombspace in the crone years -                   (click on picture to view series)
Part of Creation Themes                                         Part of At the Edge of  Series                                   
   click on picture to view theme                                                                      click on picture to view theme)
Much of my work is somewhat abstract in nature though it be in other arenas.
See also my artist articulations
                         Born of the inbetween              18"x24"         Acrylic            Bloodlines - Black History month  16 "x 20"  
Held in a new day                               
  Born of the inbetween 
Seeking the Truth
The Beach
Catching the light
At the Beach- three canvases
On the rocks
Doorway to hope
Light connections  12x12"
The Shore   8x10

Wetlands of the heart (below)               After the meeting(below) 16 "x 20"
Storm of color                                Wave of Destruction                              Hearts broken
At One  18"x24" Acrylic
Deep in the Well  24" x18"Acrylic
 Emerging  18"x24" Acrylic
                                                                                                                               Peephole on the World
8" x10" Mixed media Acrylic
Rainbow Waterfall 24" x28"  Acrylic
  The  Heart Opens Beyond 
   20" x 16" Mixed media Acrylic
"C" the Vision  Mixed media Acrylic 18" x 24"
Festival of Flowers 
18" x 24" Acrylic  
Coming to Birth  
 8" x 10"  Acrylic  
  Square Spirals 1 and 2 11" x 14"    Acrylic
Andromeda  16" x 20"    Mixed media
The Journey   Acrylic 12" x 36"
Response to Hurricane Sandy
Coming Forth 36"x 34" Acrylic
  The Light Within  24" x28" Acrylic
On the Rocks.
Inside Outside  Acrylic
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Seeking the Truth
Catching the light
Light connections  12x12"
Light in the Darkness 
24 x 28"
The Power of Presence  24"x 28"    Acrylic                       The Deep Well Within 24"x 28" Acrylic
At teh Beach a tripytic.
Catching the Light  16"x20"
Set Free
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Why are you hiding?