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  S T R A P P O . T E C H N I Q U E 

The 'Strappo' technique was developed, taught and named by Harold Garde. I learned it from him as well as much in the way of the use of color.

"It is a combination of painting and printmaking, An acrylic painting is developed, painted on a clear glass plate. When the image is fully formed and dry, to thicken the acrylic skin, successive layers of acrylic gesso are added. 

For the transfer process, fresh coats of acrylic gesso are applied both to the back of the glass plate and on the sheet where the image will be placed. The plate is placed on the prepared surface while the freshly gessoed surfaces are still wet. Weights are placed to insure contact while the gesso layers bond. After the acrylic layers are bonded, the image will be peeled from the glass. It is exactly the image as painted. The image, a monotype, is now transferred and the glass plate is clean. The surface of the image is smooth because it was developed on the smooth surface of the glass.A great advantage is that It does not require the use of a press. 

A strappo image has a surface that is unique in its tactile and visual qualities. This method expands the print makers choices. It has proven useful, adding to the range of techniques available for an artist's visual expression."
                            - Harold Garde              PBS Masters in Maine

Ocean View - strappo itself is   4" x10"
Waiting for Wisdom in the Dark of Night
Borne of the Orchard night
Turmoil of Change
The Zen of In and Out
Golden Moment 
Lady in Blue
Strappo itself is 5"x7"
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Open Hearted 8x 10"
On Paper
Be Fire  5x7"
On Paper
Be disturbed 
About the famine in Africa
On Paper
From the Storm 8 x10"
on Painted canvas
Ordering Chaos 8x10"
on Painted canvas
Earth Fundamentals 8 x8"
On mattboard
A Collection
On Paper
Happy Scraps of Life
On Paper
Grandma's Treasure
You can see faces in it.
On Paper
In the Garden 8x 10"
on Painted canvas
Hungry Waiting  5x5 canvas
Gallery edged strappo
Pink Highlands 8x 10"
on Painted canvas
Celebration 5x5 
gallery edged strappo
on Painted canvas
Go Deep 8 x10 Strappo
on Painted canvas
Fruited Wonder
on Painted canvas
Isles of Golden Memories
Scraps of color
Robed in color
Dancing into the heavens
"O" Strappo
forest glen 2   16x 20
Forest glen 1
The onversation Within
Love Surrounds  - strappo
Tree dreams in winter
  -  strappo
Core shell
  - New strappo
Ode to Spring  (strappo)
emotions  (strappo)
Even mountains move
Orchid Strappo    8"x 10"